Learning Disability Support in south Oxfordshire

Enjoying a life that has purpose and meaning is important to all of us, and people with disabilities are no exception. Using services that provide care in the community supports those with all disabilities as they live fulfilling lives. At Care With Dignity Partnerships, we help those in need of learning disability support to live the life they want, where each day can be different. Our staff recognise each person as an individual with a range of unique personal interests and aspirations. By focusing on people’s unique strengths and abilities, our aim is to help the individual achieve their personal goals. We develop a personalised support plan with our service users, so that they can receive optimal support in the communities they’re a part of. Care With Dignity Partnerships extend our disability support services throughout the South Oxfordshire area.


Choosing Care With Dignity Partnerships means receiving the support you need in order to:

  • Keep connected – meet friends and family, go to college or clubs, pursue a favourite pastime
  • Keep fit and healthy – attend medical appointments, eat well or go to a fitness centre
  • Stay independent – manage money, take a shopping trip to town or pay bills
  • Maintain a daily routine – get up and go to bed
  • Keep your home clean and tidy – help with domestic chores like washing, ironing and general maintenance
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We can pop in once or twice a day, or a couple of times a week. Our care workers are highly qualified and have practical experience of meeting a wide range of complex care and support needs for people receiving care in the community. They are fully trained to respond to different communication needs, autistic spectrum disorders, physical disabilities and sensory impairment.

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