Care Quality Commission Report Ratings for our care services in South Oxfordshire

Our services are regulated by the CQC (Care Quality Commission) to ensure the highest standards of care. You can find details of all Care With Dignity Partnerships’ CQC inspection reports at

We operate to the highest standards and strive to maintain an uncompromising quality of service. We recognise and respect the trust placed in Care With Dignity Partnerships as a service, and the difference we can make in people’s lives – many of our service users depend on us to enable their independence and daily functioning. It is a responsibility we do not take lightly, as reflected in our consistently stellar Care Quality Commission Report ratings – our full service package has consistently been rated as achieving the top two tiers of ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’, with particular commendation given to our level of care, which is deemed among the best in South Oxfordshire and the UK.


The way the CQC rates care services involves:

  • Registering people that apply to the CQC to provide services.
  • Using data, evidence and information throughout their work.
  • Using feedback given to them to help arrive at their judgements
  • Inspections carried out by experts.
  • Publishing information on their judgements. In most cases they also publish a rating to help you choose a care provider.
  • Taking action when they judge that services need to improve or to make sure those responsible for poor care are held accountable for it.
Community care worker joins an an elderly woman for a cup of tea while sitting at her kitchen table.

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